Our premium LUSH fabric is our claim to fame and the fabric that started Saranoni. Made from 100% polymicrofiber, our lush is a one-of-a-kind velvety soft material, providing warmth and comfort that is unmatched. 


Bamboo + Saranoni = Bamboni! 

Made with 78% poly microfiber and 22% rayon from bamboo, this cloud-like fabric is light, breathable, stretchy, and as cozy as ever. 


Satin is a timeless classic with a texture babies can't get enough of. Our smooth, silky satin is sure to put your babe right to sleep. Available with a satin border with our famous lush fabric on front and back, or with a satin back with lush on front.


A literal spin on our lush fabric, our Dream Collection provides the same lush feel you've grown to love with an added luxurious subtle texture. This provides a touch of style without losing the Saranoni softness you love.


Our muslin fabric comes in two different types - bamboo and cotton muslin. Both our bamboo (70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton) and cotton (100%cotton) fabrics are soft, light-weight and breathable and get softer with every wash. Available in single layer swaddles, crib sheets, changing pads covers AND beautiful 4 layer quilts for both baby and adults. 


The perfect amount of softness and stretch. Our stretchy swaddles are generously sized at 47" x 47" and hold a nice, tight swaddle. The combination of a blend of polyester, rayon, & spandex creates a light, breathable and airy fabric that is stretchy enough to swaddle the baby and yet still Saranoni soft. 


NEW & IMPROVED throw collection! INSANELY SOFT and more LUXURIOUS than ever. Our new throw collection is made of smooth, faux fur-like lush, and comes with a sewn in border, providing the structure you love. The new soft, fluid pattern adds texture and dimension creating an effortless style that's elegant and so beautiful.


Saranoni’s staple luxurious lush blanket made from 100% polyester now made in bigger, better, and softer sizes. This new collection comes in Queen & King sizes and has been years in the making. With smooth sides and our newest Faux Fur blankets have been designed to stay on your bed. They will come in a variety of different colors. We hope you can feel the love and

attention that has been put into this blanket as you bring it into your home


 Our Knitted Faux Fur is super soft, fluffy, stretchy and lightweight. And it is AMAZING. We've taken the silky, softness of faux fur and combined it with the lightweight, stretchiness of Bamboni in a loosely knit blanket with amazingly soft, long fibers. 


OUR SOFTEST BLANKET YET! The Saranoni Grand is sure to leave you speechless. We can't tell you how soft this blanket is, you have to FEEL it to BELIEVE it! Made in a multi-color faux fur or our classic solids, from Euro pillow shams to king size, these blankets will not leave your side.


Soft, silky and subtly patterned - we hit the texture trifecta with one of our new blanket combinations. This blanket features our signature lush fabric on the front, with an added visual texture of a subtle marbling and silky-soft solid minky fabric on the back.


Saranoni Ruched Minky throws features our best-selling lush on one side with ruched detail on the front in a ripple effect that creates a soft textured feel and our beloved minky fabric on the backside. Put that all together and you have one irresistible-to-the-touch blanket to snuggle up with all year long. The luxurious blanket is sure to be loved by all.


The Saranoni Chunky Knit blanket is intended to be comfortable and soft all while maintaining its beautiful knit design. This blanket with 100% Chenille material offers a comforting weight while still feeling luxuriously soft. It’s the perfect balance of style and comfort. 


Wrap yourself up with Saranoni’s new Boucle Throw Blankets. Made from a soft light-weight fabric. Both sides have a boucle construction for added extra comfort.This blanket is prepared to engulf you in the perfect amount of warmth. This luxurious throw is a perfect addition to any home decor.