Weighted Blankets

We're always looking to improve our products, and we've taken your feedback and applied it to the newest features on our weighted blankets
• First, we have added minky lining inside of every weighted blanket cover. This is to help prevent loose fibers in the blanket from shedding when taking the weighted insert out of the cover. ⁠⁠
• Second, we added additional ties to securely hold the insert in place to prevent it from sliding around inside the cover. Now there are 12 interior ties to secure the weighted insert to the silky soft lush cover. ⁠⁠
• Our weighted blankets will still come in our 3 beautiful, neutral colors: charcoal, dove, and feather. Additionally, we have two new weight options for both the throw (50"x60") and XL (60"x80") weighted blanket sizes. With both the blanket & insert our throw size options will weigh 12.5 lbs and 15.5 lbs. and our XL options will be 20 lbs and 23 lbs. ⁠⁠