The Art of Everyday Luxury

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Posted on April 26 2022

The Art of Everyday Luxury



When was the last time that you took time for yourself? We’re looking at you, Moms. It can be so easy to get swept up in all of the things that your family or friends need or want, and so hard to find time to come up for air! We get it. We’ve had our fair share of late nights, dinners from a box and messy bedrooms that can't stay clean longer than three minutes no matter how hard we try! At the end of a rough day, spare time, down time or "me time"  seem like luxuries that in one way or another, we think we can’t afford! 

     While it’s true--life is anything but calm sometimes--here at Saranoni we believe in slowing down, even if it takes some effort. Consider this your reminder and an extra measure of permission to pause and breathe in a world that pushes hustle and bustle ( heaven knows you do enough hustling--in fact, you've probably perfected it) !  Long story short, you deserve this. Now that we have you convinced, here are a few ways to implement everyday luxury in your daily life!

  •  Wear comfortable clothes that you like! Life is too short. No one looks back on life and is glad that they always wore those uncomfortable (but “IN”)  jeans that they hated! Find comfortable shoes and outfits that you love, to make getting dressed in the morning a joy--not a chore!                           
  •  Take 15 minutes before bed-(screen free!) to do something deliberately relaxing–find a candle you love to burn, wear comfy slippers around the house while you put the house to bed, or read a book that makes you happy! It may feel hard to focus at first, but keep at it! Relaxation is a habit!
  • Keep treats that are JUST for you in the house, and easily on hand! You know the ones. Buy them!  Hide them if you must! Never underestimate the power of a dessert or a snack break!
  • Find ways to make little luxuries part of your routine! That’s right–we’re giving you permission to practice luxury! Take time to discover what things feel luxurious to you.  Not everyone loves a spa day, and that's okay. Maybe it’s a drive–just you and your favorite podcast–to get a treat, or maybe it’s a walk and talk with a good friend! It might be keeping things for at-home pedicures on hand, or a fabulous pair of fuzzy socks for movie nights.
  • Invest in things that will bring you joy and a feeling of luxury on a regular basis. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can be an investment! Remember--you’re worth it!  Your happiness and well-being is priceless! Invest in a candle you love, a comfy sweat set that you'll use every night, or luxurious slippers that you can't wait to put on when you wake up! 

    As you practice bringing some luxury into every day, be patient with yourself! It may take time for it to feel natural. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling selfish for doing things for yourself,  it’s good for your kids to see you modeling self care–they will learn by watching you! And at the end of the day, the Mom that your kids need most is a happy one! So take the bath, shut off your phone, buy the treat you’ve been craving and invest in comfort that will make everyday a little bit more fun. You can do it, we’re rooting for you! 

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