Life can be messy…

Saranoni Collaboration

Posted on January 27 2022

Life can be messy…


Banana mash, SpaghettiO spills, a first birthday cake smash. Welcome to mealtime with a toddler, one big beautiful mess. 

You can let the mess happen because Saranoni bib and burp cloths are back! These products are designed with your child in mind, to give them the chance to be a kid and be as messy as they’d like. Our super-soft minky fabric is gentle on sensitive skin and absorbent enough to protect every precious outfit (a MUST!). Our bibs are soft and durable so they will last for years and years to come. 

Our bibs and burps are easier than ever to take care of. Just wash on cold and tumble dry, they’ll be ready to go for the next meal.

It’s lunchtime, so clip on that bib, get a burp cloth on your shoulder, and let your kiddo eat that red sauce or chocolate. With Saranoni softness, there's no need to worry about the mess. 


Mom with small baby and burp cloth.

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