Hygge in your Home

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Posted on January 12 2022

Hygge in your Home



[hue-gah] • noun

An atmosphere of coziness, comfort, and contentment. To relax, enjoy the simple pleasures in life, share time with loved ones, and be in the moment.


Ever heard of hygge? Hygge originated in Denmark and is considered to be the secret to happy living. 


At Saranoni, we put this concept into place to ensure our team and company were valuing the most important things life has to offer. In making hygge a focus, we found ourselves slowing down, noticing the little things, and being more intentional with our time. By implementing hygge into our homes this year, the Saranoni team has found so much joy and love. 


We want your home to be a place of refuge. A place where you can feel peace, joy, and love. A hygge home is just this. A hygge home is full of simplicity, safety, and comfort. Hygge embraces cherished traditions and good food. Here are some tips to bring hygge into your home!


Tip #1 Incorporate Candles

  • Denmark, where hygge originated, burns more candles than any other European country. Candles create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, no hygge home is complete without candles! Here’s a link to one of our favorite scents!

Our Favorite Candle


Tip #2 Cozy Lighting

  • Lighting can make a huge difference in the feel of a home. Hygge experts suggest using lots of lamps and other elements of light to create a cozy atmosphere. 


Tip #3 Simple Home Decor

  • Hygge emphasizes simplicity. Focus on bringing in simple decorations that bring comfort to your home but don't overwhelm yourself with the rest. Here’s a resource to all things lighting and hygge home!

Hygge Book


Tip #4 Make Memories

  • Rather than spending time on material things, spend time with your loved ones. Bake some cookies, make some homemade bread, curl up on the couch, carry out your most cherished traditions - this is what hygge is really about! We recommend trying out these delicious cinnamon rolls! 

Cinnamon Roll Recipe


Tip #5 Cozy Blankets

  • A soft blanket feels like a constant warm hug. Nothing brings more comfort than a cozy Saranoni blanket. Bring in all the cozy blankets and pillows this year! Our Boucle blankets are one of our favorites to bring hygge into your home!

Saranoni Boucle Blanket

Saranoni Boucle Throw Blankets on a stool.


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