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Wholesale Tips For Success

Fall in love with Saranoni yourself!

Before you can really sell something, you yourself have to really love it. We suggest that you order and enjoy a blanket for yourself. We know you will fall in love with the silky softness. In selling to your customers, your first-hand experience with the product will go a lot further than anything else. They value and trust what you have to say!
We have a variety of sizes and colors and knowing our products will allow you to better cater to your customer’s needs. We encourage you to spend some time educating yourself on our variety of products. Our website and social media pages are great resources for this!


Display techniques are something we believe makes all the difference in the success of our products in your store. We want your customers to see, touch and actually experience the softness. Here are some display tips we suggest:

– Take the blanket out of the bag and display it at eye-level.

– Keep the gray ribbon tightly secured to ensure the blanket stays crisply folded.

– Allow for at least one of each kind of blanket you carry to be displayed simply as a “feeler” blanket to stand alone and attract your customers hands. We want them to feel it! We are happy to provide this product if requested.

For your benefit we have included the following tools:

  • Lifestyle Images: Here is link to a select number of lifestyle images. These images are perfect to include in your customer emails, and social media platforms. In our experience, a professional image can be a very easy and effective way for retailers to build a customer base and increase sales.
  • Product Images: Here is a link to our product images from our website. Since these are simple, white background images, you will probably find these most beneficial to use on your website and in other marketing efforts.


We believe that everything is better when it’s made from scratch. This philosophy is what makes our blankets special. We start with our specialty yarn, which we knit into our own fabric. We custom dye the fabric and each blanket is then sewn together by hand. Each blanket is made, packed and shipped with detail and care. We never use bulk fabric and are proud of the fact that our blankets are made with so much detail.



What is often most compelling to our retailers is our pricing. Saranoni prices are less than half the cost of the leading luxury blanket brands and our blankets are actually up to 25% larger! We love that this allows more of your customers to experience a high-end, quality product. A first-time buyer soon becomes a consistent Saranoni customer and will return to your store for more.

Please contact with any questions. Thank you.

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