The Saranoni Storybook Line

One day I came across a video by Dieter F. Uchtdorf entitled "Our True Identity" and as I watched it, I was moved by its message and I knew it was something I wanted my children to understand, feel and truly believe. I knew this message was incredibly important to teach my children but I felt overwhelmed with an already full plate and began wondering how I was going to manage to "do it all". Soon after, I realized that we don't always need the formal lessons or planned teaching moments but that powerful lessons can be taught and implemented in our natural settings and as we integrate them into our everyday activities and lives at home. It was from this realization that our Storybook line was born. 
My hope is that whether you are nursing a baby with a toddler by your side, snuggling with a child, or putting kids down for a nap, the Storybook blankets will provide you with an easy and special way to instill important lessons and values into your families. -Emily Peterson