Testimonials from REAL Saranoni customers explaining why they love Saranoni Luxury Blankets

These are the best blankets ever! When I first found Saranoni I purchased the toddler to teen size to see if they were worth the $$. Well, we now have 13 different ones in our home of all different sizes! My boys each have a toddler to teen on their beds & my oldest declared it "the best blanket ever" my daughter has had the receiving size and mini size since she was born & the pink & grey mini is her favorite & goes wherever she does. We always keep a mini in the car for her too, it's the first thing she looks for when I strap her into her car seat :) Customer service is also top notch! I can't say enough good things!!!
-Amanda Harkins

The softest, most luxurious blanket ever! You can start with just one but soon your whole family will be fighting over it and you will need one for every member! Well worth the money!
-Michele Zils

Two young friends jumping on the couch with their Saranoni Blankets tied on their shoulders like a cape.

I got my kids the teen blankets for Christmas a couple years ago and we were all instantly hooked! I went back and bought myself the oversized throw, which to my utter frustration has also frequently been found on their beds or tents when camping! We've been very diligent to not dry them in the dryer so they've maintained their softness for this long! I've also purchased the swaddling blankets and bibs for baby gifts, which everyone has loved and become addicted as well! Great customer service and worth the price, especially if you're lucky enough to live close enough to hit up the warehouse sales like I am!
-Amy Horsburgh

I was lucky enough to receive my first blanket as a Christmas gift. Santa could have just stayed home for all I cared, after snuggling down in it. Instantly i realized my family, including grand daughter who at the time was only 2, fell completely in love with it. Needless to say I now own 4, and no I do not share (unless they steal) These blankets are so soft and cuddly and of high quality. I have washed them in the washer and they have come out wonderful. Its odd but in the winter they are the warmest thing ever, but in the summer when you just need a little cover they are just right. Not sure how that happens but its the best ever. NEVER going back to a regular blanket. If you don't have one you need to get yourself one or two. This is a blanket that I highly recommend everyone getting. And can i add that they make a fantastic wedding gift.
-Shellee Estep

A mother lovingly hugging her young daughter as they sit on a couch, covered in a lush luxury Saranoni blanket.

Saranoni blankets are the softest, warmest blankets you can buy! They hold up well to washing and come out just as soft as they went in. Our favorites are the bamboni for spring and the toddler to teen for winter.
-Danielle Klussmann

Oh my heck! We love our Saranoni blankets. I started off with one, and everyone including my husband tried taking it. I quickly realized, I couldn't just murder him to keep it all to myself, after all we have three kids to raise... So, I bought him his own. Shortly after that we decided the kids needed their own. We bought 3 toddler sized Saranoni blankets and have used them for years. The kids are all finally outgrown the toddler size (and might I add they are still in Great shape, even after being loved on for years and slept with nightly on their beds) and so for Christmas last year we got them each their own throw/adult size. Best purchase ever! Imagine... the whole family each snuggling in their own Saranoni blanket, watching family movie night, and *drum roll please* no one is fighting over blankets. Tada! #wortheverypenny
-Brandy King

Three girls cuddle up near the fireplace in a super soft and fluffy Saranoni Luxury blanket.

    I first heard about Saranoni blankets when our realtor gave us one as a house warming gift when we closed on our house. I was instantly in LOVE with them and have bought 4 more since then! These blankets make all my hopes and dreams come true because I kind of hoard blankets and am kind of a blanket snob and am always looking for new and better brands because they never hold up to my expectations. But these stay soft and have the right amount of weight to stay warm and comforted. I have washed these babies several times and was always worried that the softness would go away like with other blankets but not these, same feeling and comfort every time! The swaddle baby blankets are awesome as well. Now that I know about Saranoni I recommend them to everyone. That is how much I love them. Thank you, thank you, thank you Saranoni for these amazing blankets!
    -Shurlana Karren Hansen

    I LOVE my Saranoni!!! No matter how many times I wash it, it will always be soft like the first time I got it. This is one of my main go to blankets because it is big and so comfy. My new niece has one of the swaddles and it is seriously the softest blanket over all of her others. Saranoni knows how to make quality products for their customers.
    -Alecia Bennett

    A baby laying on a bed, clutching a beautifully constructed Saranoni Luxury blanket. 

    Saranoni is a staple blanket in our house. We love the softness and the wonderful quality of them. Each of my kids have received their own over the years. I bought them for Christmas one year expecting my husband would share his with me--boy was I wrong. He loved it so much he wanted it for himself. Good thing Valentines was the next holiday and I got my own. The staff and owners are wonderful to work with. I can't say enough good things about Saranoni!! -Heather Hanks Barnes Absolutely hands down the best blankets EVER!!!! My granddaughter a a size for every occasion: 3 tiny to take along, 2 receiving and a medium size. She HAS to have them with her everywhere she goes. These are a MUST HAVE for any parent and grandparent. Love them so much I have as a welcome home baby present!!
    -Shawne Rishkofski

    CUSTOMER SERVICE is WONDERFUL. I adore their soft comfy blankets. I own four baby blankets and have every intention on getting my next baby one. My review is on the professionalism and curtesy of their customer service department. I called to ask about monograming and mentioned to the rep that one of my blankets had slightly started to fray....she immediately informed me that "Saranoni as a company wants its customers to have a life-long comfortable blanket" and that they would be happy to replace it. No gimmicks, no questioning me... they just wanted a happy customer. LOVE THIS company and the way they treat me; WITH SARANONI I FEEL LIKE A VALUED CUSTOMER.
    -Micah Abshire

    A mother holds her infant in her arms, swaddled in a luxury bamboo Saranoni mini security blanket.

    Saranoni is something you can't quite describe. To put into words that these are the softest, coziest, most durable blankets for kids and the family just doesn't do them justice! Seriously, just buy one and thank me later! Couldn't have found a better company to be obsessed with! Thank you for the best blankets ever!
    -Marcella Cranford Storie

    Saranoni make THE best blankets ever! My son is on the Autism spectrum and absolutely loves the swirl large blanket. Between the softness, texture of the swirl, and the weight of it, they are the perfect blanket to soothe and relax him. We could not live without it. This blanket also washes like a dream. Thank you for such an amazing product.
    -Lisa Reed Basara Worlds SOFTEST blanket!! I am one of those weirdos that has to touch every blanket in the store to feel it's softness. This blanket puts all of those to shame! Saranoni has awesome customer service, they took care of my order right away and were there with any questions I had! Thanks for an amazing blanket!! Will definitely be purchasing more in the near future!
    -Amy Linnell

    I love love love Saranoni blankets! I first bought two for my daughter and the materials are SO soft, beautifully made, and all around a fantastic product. This is my go to product when buying a "welcome baby!" gift for my friends and family. Highly recommend!
    -Ramie Czyzewski

    I have always been blanket-obsessed but since finding Saranoni, I don't even look at blankets anywhere else. We now own 9 Saranoni blankets in our household with no sign of slowing down! They are simply amazing. I keep them all in a big basket in our family room & they are used every single day, multiple times per day. They make the best gifts & I have turned many of my friends on to this fabulous company! Once you own one, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it.
    -Maggie Hemminger

    An infant is playfully grasping a luxury bamboo Saranoni bamboo mini security blanket.


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