15" x 20"

Why mini you say? This size is perfect to cover a tiny new baby but as they grow it will become a favorite for taking along in the carseat, stroller or walking around the house. Lovey, noni, mimi, or "mine"- no matter what your little one calls it, it is sure to be an instant favorite.


 30" x 40"

Need a baby shower gift? This is your blanket! The perfect size for your baby's first Saranoni and yet big enough to last them until they are 3 years old.  Envelop your little one in luxury and comfort with our ultra soft receiving blankets. 


 40" x 60"

A great transition blanket from the receiving size. This blanket is perfect for traveling! It's not too big you can't drag it everywhere, it's perfect for long car rides or even to take on a flight. Recommended for children ages 3-11.


 47" x 47"

The perfect size to swaddle your baby! Our Swaddles and Quilts are generously sized at 47" x 47" to have plenty of blanket to wrap around your little one. The Quilts are great to use in the cribs.


 50" x 60"

The perfect "gift" blanket to give to anyone. Saranoni home throws are great to drape over your couch or chair. We have many neutral colors to go with any room. There's no sharing with this one- the perfect excuse for you solo snugglers.


 60" x 80"

The best all around snuggling blanket. The Saranoni XL fits corner to corner on a standard queen and is the perfect blanket for the whole family to enjoy. It's a great blanket to fold at the bottom of your bed and even better cuddled up with your loved ones.


 70" x 90"

Our Dream collection is exactly what dreams are made of. The same great lush you know and love, now with a subtle texture. With its elegant traditional colors, it’s sure to go perfectly in any room. Compatible with standard twin beds and standard full sized beds, this generously sized bedding is the dreamiest and perfect to use for your children's comforter. 


 92" x 96"

Our Queen blanket is the perfect size for your spare bedroom, your teenagers, or newly-wed couples. The unique, faux fur fiber is durable and will become a favorite piece of bedding for years to come. Available in 5 colors. 


 108" x 96"

Our custom-knit fabric is both dense and breathable to give you maximum comfort. The king weighs a whopping 15 pounds for that extra feeling of coziness and security. This unique, faux fur fiber is durable and will be your favorite piece of bedding for years to come.