Our premium LUSH fabric is our claim to fame- our bread and butter. Made from 100% polymicrofiber, this fabric is sure to deliver comfort, warmth, and connection to you and your loved ones.


OUR SOFTEST BLANKET YET! The Saranoni Grand is sure to leave you speechless. We can't tell you how soft this blanket is, you have to FEEL it to BELIEVE it! Made in a multi-color faux fur or our classic solids, from Euro pillow shams to king size, these blankets will not leave your side.


Bamboo + Saranoni = Bamboni! Made with 78% poly microfiber and 22% rayon from bamboo, our Bamboni fabric is light, breathable, stretchy, and as cozy as ever. The perfect blanket for travel. 


Our Bamboo Rayon Muslin fabric is a must have for any mom. These light-weight, washable blankets get softer and softer with every wash. These luxuriously soft blankets are 70% rayon from Bamboo, 30% cotton to ensure incredible softness and comfort. Available in a 4-Layer quilt, single layer swaddle, AND we have them in an XL quilt.


We have created the ultimate hybrid blanket combining your favorite things about our two original Saranoni fabrics; lush and bamboni. Our new chenille blanket has the stretch and lightweight feel of a bamboni combined with the buttery, silky softness of our lush fabric


A literal spin on our lush fabric, our swirl line provides the same lush feel you've grown to love with an added luxurious texture.


Satin is a timeless classic with a texture babies can't get enough of. Our smooth, silky satin is sure to put your babe right to sleep. Available with a satin border with our famous lush fabric on front and back, or with a satin back with lush on front. 


Soft, silky and subtly patterned; We hit the texture trifecta with one of our new blanket combinations. The marble Minky/Lush throw features our signature lush fabric on the front, with an added visual texture of a subtle tan marbling and silky-soft solid Minky fabric on the back. 

Feeling is Believing.