Where is the embroidery placed on the blanket?

You have the choice of embroidering in the blanket or in the border of the blanket. If you choose in the blanket, it will be centered and embroidered an inch or two above the border. If you choose in the border, the name will be centered on the bottom border of the blanket. The Home Throw blanket will be embroidered in the left bottom corner on a diagonal.

Is it better to embroider on the border or in the blanket?

Both options look great, so when it comes to choosing it is a personal preference. We have included pictures of both options. We suggest embroidering in the border when embroidering on Mini blankets because space is limited. If you do choose to embroider in the blanket with a Mini, please note that the name will be above the logo label and will be centered in the blanket.

Is there a character limit on embroidery length?


  • There is a 12 character limit on embroidery for Mini blankets.
  • There is a 18 character limit on embroidery for all other sizes.
  • We may contact you in certain circumstances if we see an issue with the embroidery length.


    Is there an embroidery option for all blankets?

    The thread colors available match and coordinate with our blanket colors exactly. For example, the Aqua thread option is the same color of the Aqua Lush. Since they are the same color we don't recommend choosing the same color thread for embroidery on the same color blanket because it will not be noticeable. We recommend picking a complimentary lighter or darker color if you wish for the embroidery to stand out. Here are some examples:
    • If you choose to embroidery on the border with a Royal Blue blanket then we offer a Royal Blue thread so when you embroider in the gray border it matches the blanket.
    • If you choose to embroider in the blanket with a Light Pink blanket then you could choose a gray thread to match the border.
    • If you don’t wish to match the thread color exactly you can try a different color that compliments the blanket. There are many fun color combinations that look great. For example, the Coral thread looks great embroidered on the border or in the blanket of the Aqua Lush blanket. So have fun choosing your color!

    Can you embroider custom logos?

    We can embroider custom logos for a one-time set up fee of $19 with no minimum quantity to order. Your logo can be uploaded on the product page of the blanket you would like embroidered. Be sure to select "YES" to embroidery and then check the box next to "LOGO EMBROIDERY." Once the box is checked, you will see a file upload tool that will allow you to upload your logo file. Please only upload .JPG, .PNG, or .PDF Files only. File size must be less than 10MB. Your logo will be embroidered in the blanket centered along the bottom on the blanket. If you would like to change the location of your logo or use this logo on multiple blanket colors and fabric types or if you have any special requests regarding your logo embroidery, please contact service@saranoni.com for additional help.

    When will my embroidered order ship?

    There is a 1-3 business day lead time on embroidery in addition to the normal order processing time (1-3 business days).

    Can you embroider school logos?

    Right now we are able to embroider any high school logo. Colleges are a different story and right now we are only licensed to embroider logos for Brigham Young University, University of Utah and Utah State but hope to add more colleges in the future.

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