Who is Saranoni? The Women Behind the Brand

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Posted on May 06 2022

Who is Saranoni? The Women Behind the Brand


  How well do you know Saranoni? We get asked all the time what, or who Saranoni is! While it's true that Saranoni is a collection of luxury products that we take immense pride in, Saranoni means more to us than incredible blankets! While building Saranoni, we searched for a name that would remind us everyday of our values of kindness, family and hard work as we built this company. After much debate, we settled on the name “Saranoni”. 

  The name Saranoni is a combination of two names dear to our family–the names of our maternal great grandmothers–two women who inspired and shaped our lives and the lives of our families! These two womens’ pictures proudly hang in our offices, along with the pictures of our Saranoni team–they are that integral to our brand! We want our Saranoni team to know them and be as inspired by them as we are. Read on to learn more about the inspirational women behind the brand that you know and love! 

   Sarah Sophia Benson (Nathan’s great grandmother!) was a woman of faith and family who still inspires us today with her tenacity and grit. Sarah fearlessly worked her and her husband’s farm in Whitney, Idaho. Farming is back breaking, unforgiving work and in her husband's absence, Sarah bravely took on the burden alone while expecting her eighth child.  Her sacrifice allowed her husband to serve a religious mission for their church. Her sacrifice for family and her faith is truly a marvel, and her example of hard work and commitment to family have greatly influenced and blessed her posterity! 

   Emily’s great grandmother Leona went by the nickname “Noni”  her whole life. She was a compassionate, artistic woman known for her beautiful work in ceramics–an outlet for her creative mind, and an art form that served her well as she successfully sold her ceramics for many years! Later in her life, Noni channeled her passion for art into a world she felt she could do good in, and began working with troubled youth in her community. Over the years, Noni blessed many lives as she lovingly taught children and teenagers basic life skills, along with her beloved art of ceramics. Her gift of art blessed others, service and gifts to bless others, She was known for her life of service, and her dedication to serving others has influenced our brand immensely! 

  The combined influence of these women’s names–along with their legacy has guided many a decision throughout our years of business. We are proud to bear their names and hope that as our customers experience our product and our culture that they are inspired to cherish some of the same values of family and kindness that have brought us so much joy! 


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