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Mother's Day.

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Posted on May 16 2012

Throughout history there have been many days set aside to honor Mother's and women in many different cultures. These celebrations can be traced all the way back to ancient Greek and Roman festivals. Mother's Day is celebrated on various days in many different parts of the world today. This worldwide celebration honors mothers and commemorates motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence mothers have in society.

Not only do mothers have a great influence on the world today but they continue to influence Saranoni as a company. The name Saranoni is derived from the first names of the maternal great grandmothers of the two founders. Saranoni, with its products and operations, places high value on those things the founders’ grandmothers held dear including quality, service and family.

"As an employee of Saranoni I have noticed the personal and quality relationships Saranoni has with their customers and employees. Being the 3rd child in a family of 4 girls I found that my mom always found time for each and every one of us girls individually. Each week she set one day aside for each of us. I was really young and yet still remember these days with my mom perfectly. I always got to pick where we went and what we did. Usually "my day" consisted of Taco Bell, Wheeler Farm and stopping off at the local store to pick out a nail polish. These little outings meant a lot and showed me how much my mom cared for me and cared about how I was doing, even at a young age. I know these special times meant a lot to my sisters as well."

Mothers are known around the world to be compassionate, loving, kind, helpful, strong, caring, patient, and much much more. They hold so many good qualities and deserve to have a special day devoted to them and to celebrate their strength and courage in raising a family.

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