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Mint Pastel Floral Satin Back Extra Large Blanket

Mint Pastel Floral Satin Back Extra Large Blanket



Saranoni Luxury Blankets are made from special fabric that is custom knit to ensure they are incredibly soft and comfortable; combine that with our personally-designed satin print and you have this perfect Mint Lush Pastel Floral Satin Back blanket. 

  • Luxuriously Soft: 100% lush polymicrofiber with silky satin back to ensure incredible softness and comfort.
  • Comfort: Find emotional and physical comfort by wrapping yourself in this luxury blanket.
  • Feel: Super soft, comfy, fluffy, cuddly with hearty durable construction. Feeling is Believing.
  • High-quality construction: Every aspect is considered from the thread to the dye, from the factory to the family who receives this blanket.
  • Size Extra Large: 60" x 80" - Large enough to cover the entire surface of a queen sized bed!
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, no bleach or fabric softener. Hang or lay flat to dry. 

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